Yongho Francis Lee, OFM

Assistant Professor of Systematic & Comparative Theology



Name: Yongho Francis Lee, OFM
Specialization: Systematic and Comparative Theology.
Phone: 619-574-5800


“My study of Buddhism definitely shed new light on my understanding of Christianity and even of Franciscan spirituality. It also brought me home, but the home I found is not only the Christian tradition but also the Buddhist. The journey to Buddhism is a way to my new home where my adopted home, the Christian tradition, is now renewed and merged with my old home, the Buddhist tradition.” -Francis Lee, OFM — Becoming a Christian and Practicing Comparative Theology for a Korean Theologian

Yongho Francis Lee, OFM, a Franciscan friar from the Korean Province, joins our department as Assistant Professor of Systematic and Comparative Theology after four years of teaching at the Pontifical University Antonianum in Rome. His research focuses on the dynamic interactions between Eastern and Western cultural and religious traditions, with a particular interest in the dialogue between Buddhism and Franciscanism, exemplified by his 2020 publication, Mysticism and Intellect in Medieval Christianity and Buddhism: Ascent and Awakening Bonaventure and Chinul. Furthermore, Lee explores the visual representations of Franciscan spiritual and theological concepts, examining their historical development and cross-cultural adaptations.



  • Ph.D. in Theology, University of Notre Dame
  • Licentiate in Sacred Theology, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
  • Bachelor in Theology, Catholic University of Korea
  • Master in Science, Seoul National University
  • Bachelor in Science, Seoul National University



Intercultural Theology

In contemporary theological discourse, scholars increasingly recognize the pivotal role of culture in shaping both theology and the Church. This course delves into the intricate interconnections between culture, the Church, theological frameworks, and the dissemination of Gospel messages. It provides an overview of mission history and diverse approaches to mission, while critically examining the significance of local cultural and religious contexts in the evolution of local theologies.

Theology, Church and World: Introduction

An introductory course in theology which will discuss sources, methodology, relationship to the world, and an understanding of the Catholic Magisterium. This course is intended for first-year theology students.

Franciscan Christology

This foundational course in Christology focuses on the particular contributions of Franciscan thinkers, the importance of the intercultural dialogue today, and the significance of Franciscan spirituality for the third millennium.

Introduction to Christian Spirituality

This course explores the historical development of Christian spirituality by examining the inspirational texts that have touched the mind and heart of Christians throughout history. The course also discusses the development of the definition of spirituality and various approaches to the modern studies of spirituality.


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