Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Continuing Education at the Franciscan School of Theology offers affordable, high-quality instruction by some of the world’s foremost Franciscan scholars and educators. FST continuing education courses are open to the public and take place online.

This July four sessions exploring themes in the Franciscan social vision in today’s church and society.  Topics will range from the timeliness of the spiritual experience of Francis of Assisi, to an analysis of  many of his writings, for example, the Canticle of Creatures, to the contemporary importance  of the philosophical and theological principles of John Duns Scotus, to sensitivities involved in a  pastoral presence with the dying.

Participants may take one, two, three, or all four courses. Classes are held 9:15-12:30 Monday through Friday and may be taken for continuing education credit. Classes cost $250 per one-week session (one CEU unit). See course descriptions and registration details below.

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Summer 2020 Continuing Education

The Franciscan Spiritual and Social Vision Available On-Line

Francis, His Spiritual Experience, His Gospel Interpretation, and Contemporary Life (June 29 – July 3)

Setting this week within the context of Francis’ life journey, the course will reflect on the relationship between his experience of the Spirit, his mission in society, and the articulation of this experience in his writings and actions.  The hope is to present for the contemporary believer a method for moving from the experience of life’s journey, to Gospel interpretation, to mission in the world.  Some themes, among others,  will be emphasized with reference to the writings of Pope Francis:  (1) the meaning of “encounter”;  (2) the “contemplative gaze”;  (3) the personalization of the poor; (4)  the “grace of working”; (5) the “field hospital” of the Church; (6) the sharing  in Christ’s redemption.  Selections from Francis’ writings and some secondary articles will be provided.

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Chinnici, OFM (one CEU $250)

About the Instructor

An Oxford-educated historian, Joe is a widely-respected scholar, teacher and speaker in the history of American Catholicism and the development of Franciscan theology and spirituality. Past president of the American Catholic Historical Association (2007-2008), he authored the seminal work Living Stones: The History and Structure of Catholic Spiritual Life in the United States (1989, 1996). His most recent book is When Values Collide: The Catholic Church, Sexual Abuse, and the Challenges of Leadership (2010). He is also general editor of the Franciscan Heritage Series, which makes available to contemporary audiences the spiritual, theological, and social inheritance of St. Francis of Assisi. Apart from his teaching duties, Joe has served in various administrative posts throughout his career: nine years as Provincial Minister for the Franciscan Friars of the Saint Barbara Province, two stints as Academic Dean at the Franciscan School of Theology, Chairman of the Commission for the Retrieval of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (CFIT, 2000-2013), and President of the Franciscan School of Theology (2011-2016).

Writings of Francis of Assisi (July 6–10)

Francis of Assisi has left us a remarkable collection of writings, ranging from meditations on the words of Christ to norms for organizing life in a small community.  This course will examine the full range of those texts, some 30 in all, from the saint’s autographs (those that survive in his own handwriting) to fragments of his “lost” writings contained in the writings of Clare of Assisi and others.  Over the course of an intense week, we will study his Letters, Rules, Prayers and Admonitions, learning about their medieval historical context, and reflecting on their insights about living according to the Gospel then and now.

Instructor: Dr. William Short, OFM (one CEU $250)

About the Instructor

Brother Bill was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from the University of San Francisco, he entered the novitiate of the Franciscan Friars of St. Barbara Province, making his solemn profession of vows in 1978. After graduate studies in Berkeley and Rome, he was appointed to a teaching position at FST, where he has subsequently served as Academic Dean and President. In addition to his academic work, he is also an amateur wine-maker, a native-plant gardener, and an interpreter-translator for many international Franciscan meetings.

The Franciscan Vision of John Duns Scotus (July 13–17)

This 5-part series explores key aspects of Duns Scotus’s Franciscan vision of Creation, human dignity, and God.  Through the lens of beauty, we reflect on important Franciscan insights that frame 1) a coherent vision of the dignity of all that exists and 2) the challenge of loving action in a world torn by suffering, violence, and economic inequality.

Instructor: Dr. Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ  (one CEU $250)

About the Instructor

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Ingham, CSJ comes to FST from Loyola Marymount University where she was chair of the Philosophy Department and Professor of Philosophy. She received the President’s Fritz B. Burns Teaching Medal in 2000.

Dr. Ingham was President of the American Catholic Philosophical Society in 2009, and has served on the Franciscan Institute Summer faculty.

Dr. Ingham was part of the organizing committee for the “Quadruple Congress” in celebration of the 8th centenary of John Duns Scotus’ death in 2008, and she edited the first volume: Duns Scotus, Philosopher (with Oleg Bychkov).

The Spirituality of Presence with the Dying: Cultivating Awareness for Caregivers and the Dying (July 20–24)

Facing the end of life can stir up anxiety, uncertainty, and fear for those who are dying, their caregivers, and their friends and family. Based on the popular full semester course offered at The Franciscan School of Theology, this class offers a rich combination of theological and historical reflections fused with practical pastoral applications for cultivating a Franciscan approach to the end of life. In addition to learning the Franciscan spiritual tradition on dying and death, participants will practice experiential meditations on being present to all that arises at the end of life with awareness, grace, and faith.

Instructor: Dr. Darleen Pryds,  (one CEU $250)

About the Instructor

Darleen Pryds is a lay woman who has been exploring the Franciscan spiritual tradition since she was 18 as a freshman in college. Since then she has found her academic research on the lay Franciscan tradition buoys her personal faith. Her particular focus on lay Franciscans has analyzed the tradition of lay preaching as a form of “Somatic Theology” or theology that is expressed through lived experience. You can find her research in many articles and in two books, The King Embodies the Word: Robert d’Anjou and the Politics of Preaching (2000) and Women of the Streets: Early Franciscan Women and their Mendicant Vocation (2010). Currently, her work explores the often overlooked Franciscan lay leader, Lady Jacopa dei Settesoli. This new avenue of research builds on Dr. Pryds’ active volunteer work as a caregiver in hospice. Her most recent book, Enduring Presence: Diversity and Authenticity among the First Generations of Lay Franciscans, was published December 2018. You can follow Dr. Pryds on Facebook or on

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Refund Policy

In order to cover the administrative expenses incurred with registration, FST will refund 90% of tuition up to the week prior to session, and 70% the week prior to session start. No refund given for cancellations after that date.