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Alumni Challenge

Dear FST Alumni,

We are excited to invite you to be part of the Alumni Challenge—a unique opportunity to impact the lives of Lay students and shape the future of our community.

Donors Ben and Nikki Clay have generously offered to match up to $4,000 of alumni gifts to support Lay Scholarships by Oct. 4th the Feast of Saint Francis. Your contribution will double its impact! 

$4000 of Alumni Gifts + $4000 from Ben and Nikki Clay = $8000 

Together, you can sustain and develop the people and programs of the Franciscan School of Theology

A gift in any amount makes a difference in our student’s journey.

Thank you for your support!

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Why Your Support Matters

Lay students, at the inception and throughout their educational journey, often find themselves facing a myriad of challenges and barriers.

It’s in these transformative years that they need our support the most. Your contribution to the Alumni Challenge can make a profound difference in their lives and the future of our community.

Lay students, upon starting to pursue their educational dreams, need help to overcome obstacles and reach their potential.
Empower Dreams!
Lay students, upon earning their degree, make a positive and direct impact on the communities they live in. Support their efforts.
Transform Lives!
Lay students, upon earning their degree, can embark on diverse career paths spanning industries such as ministry, healthcare, and Education.
Fuel the Future!