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Dear Students

If you are taking a course and there are no books listed for that course it means the professor has not assigned any books to it and will be working from their own materials and articles they assign to you.  The books for the Sacraments class will be announced shortly

Spring 2019

HS 501 History of Christianity

Instructor:  D. Pryds

Five Required Texts:

* The Story of Christianity (vol. 1 & 2, 2010 edition)


HS 503 Interpreting the Church Today

Instructor: J. Chinnici and J. Burns

Three Required Texts:


HS 606 Franciscan Seminar: History and Spirituality of Laity in the Franciscan Tradition

Instructor:  D. Pryds

Four Required Texts:


One Recommended Texts:

ST 603 Intercultural Theology

Instructor: J. Kiesler

Two Required Texts:


ST 702 Theology of God and Trinity

Instructor: J. Kiesler

Four Required Texts.


SP 502 Life and Writings of Francis of Assisi.

Instructor: W. Short

Six Required Texts:


NT 501 Intro to the New Testament

Instructor: G. Galvin

One Required Texts:

NT 601 The Letters of St. Paul

Instructor: J. Constantinou

Two Required Texts.


OT 603 The Psalms

Instructor: M. Guinan

Choose a one-volume commentary on all the psalms that includes scripture, exegesis, and spirituality.

Three excellent ones are:


CE 501 Fundamental Moral Theology

Instructor: M. Day


Vatican documents can be found for free on the Vatican website here.


PS 601 & PS 702 Ministry Seminar

Instructor: M. Day

One Required Texts:

LS 604: Sacraments of the Church

Instructor: Dr.  W. Hellman

Four Required Texts:

*Selections from Catechism of Catholic Church and a look at the ritual of Mass as found in the introduction in the Sacramentary. (Available online for free)