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Faculty & Staff

Jeffrey Burns, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of U.S. Church History
  • Director of the Academy of American Franciscan History

Joseph Chinnici, OFM

  • President Emeritus
  • Professor of History

Michael Guinan, OFM

  • Professor Emeritus of Old Testament
  • Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages

Darleen Pryds, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and History

Maureen Day, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Religion and Society

C. Michael Weldon, OFM

  • Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology

Gigi Betancourt

  • Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator

Christine Avella

  • Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment

Kathy Flood , OSF

  • Vice President of Student Services and Spiritual Formation

Sharmeen Enayat

  • Executive Assistant to the President

Daniel Stone

  • Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management

Michael W. Blastic, OFM

  • Distinguished Visiting Professor of Franciscan Studies

“For me, history, theology and ministry are inseparable. Whether in the classroom, the pulpit, the office or in the community our work can be an act of worship.”

COVID-19 Reflection - Joe Chinnici, OFM (From 4th Sunday of Easter)

Joseph P. Chinnici

President Emeritus
Professor of History