Feast of St. Francis – Oct. 3rd, 2022

October marks a significant time of reflection and remembrance for Franciscans. On October 3, there will be a vigil commemorating the moment Francis embraced “Sister Death,” a passage through death into eternal life. This holy time is called Transitus. You’re invited to Join us at the Immaculate Conception Church at 7 pm.

Then, the following night at 5:30 pm on October 4, you are all invited to join in the Mass on the feast day of St. Francis. This also will take place at Immaculate Conception Church. FST offices will be closed in honor of this feast.

Here are some important in person and virtual notices, links, and dates for the upcoming week:

  • Monday, 10/3 – Transitus in person or livestreamed Click here.
  • Tuesday, 10/4 – Feast of St. Francis. FST offices are closed. 
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