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Annual Report

The Franciscan School of Theology aims to be transparent in our operations and humility in our successes for the Franciscan community. This Annual Report is a guiding document to help identify where our successes may lead to further opportunities and where our shortcomings may be sources for improvements. For further information please contact

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Your Gift in Action

Everything that FST does is enhanced by the incredible generosity of the alumni, parents, and friends who invest in the Franciscan vibrant tradition. Thank you to all of our benefactors who are cultivating compassion in each donation! We appreciate you in this honor roll! And Thank you to all our alumni and community who energize formation by sharing their stories of FST with others.

Ways to Give

Your gift to the Franciscan School of Theology can be as simple as mailing a check or donating on this website. We graduate lay and religious women and men who want to be prepared to serve the church and society as dedicated, competent, trained, educated, and committed leaders. Your support benefits the mission and vision of the school, the scholarship fund, immersion programs, costs of our library, and weekly liturgies—the choice is yours.

Planned Giving

By joining the community of support, your generosity makes a difference for generations to come, ensuring the financial stability of the Franciscan School, and helping to keep the Franciscan vision alive. Your gifts to FST gives our students the much-needed funds to be transformed by a new sense of mission, a deeper understanding of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, and a vision of Christ that includes all creation in an embrace of mutuality, equality, and respect. Your gift is a God-send to us and generations of Franciscans to follow. Thank You!