How Can I Help?


Your gift to the Franciscan School of Theology can be as simple as mailing a check or making a donation on this website. You can choose to give where it is needed most or to support student scholarships, immersion programs, or the library, or help off-set the costs of our weekly liturgies.

Your Gift to the Annual Fund….

By making an unrestricted gift in any amount to the Annual Fund, you entrust the Franciscan School of Theology to apply your support wherever it is needed most. Your gift ensures the vitality of the institution by providing the resources necessary for FST to deliver an outstanding student experience, well-equipped classrooms and technology, faculty support, and efficient campus operations.

For more information please contact the Development office (619) 574-5809 or

Your Gift to the Library…

The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library at the Franciscan School of Theology is comprised of more than 15,000 volumes focusing on religion and theology. It houses one of the largest collections in Franciscan spirituality, theology, and social reform in the western United States. Your gift to the O’Toole Library assures the continued development of the collection and preserves this treasured resource for students at FST, throughout the region, and across the nation.  Funds are needed every year for acquisition of new materials, journal and periodical subscriptions, and facility enhancements to ensure the value and completeness of historic and contemporary scholarly resources for students, faculty, and other researchers alike.

Suggested areas for designated library gifts:

Library books Additional books to enhance the collection – $5,000
Security system To prevent books from being removed from library – $15,000
Rare book display case $1,000
Book drop bin Your gift of $2000 for an after-hours book drop bin will be a welcome addition to the library. Many of our students juggle school, family, and careers and are on campus only in the evenings. The after-hours bin would alleviate the additional financial burden of overdue library fines.

Please feel free to contribute the full amount of an item or pay for a portion of it. Every gift, no matter the size, is appreciated. Just like the parable of the loaves and fishes, if you share what you can, all will have enough.

Contact Alan Andrade for more details (619) 574-5809 or

Your Gift to Scholarship Funds…

Since its inception in 1854, the Franciscan School of Theology has provided scholarships to qualified students to assist them in reaching their academic goals. Many students struggle to meet the rising cost of a graduate degree while juggling work and family responsibilities with a full schedule of classes at FST. Your contribution to the General Scholarship Fund will provided needed financial aid to some of FST’s most deserving students.

A substantial, multi-year commitment in scholarship support entitles the donor to naming a separate scholarship fund in honor of one’s family, a loved one, or one’s business, club or fraternal organization. Please contact the Office of Development at 619-574-5809 for details

Your Gift to Immersion Programs

Apache Life and Culture Immersion

Eligible students who meet the requirements for this course will be challenged by active participation in several areas of life at the White Mountain Apache Tribe Reservation in Arizona. Students come away with a transformed sense of mission and deeper intercultural skills. They witness and learn directly from the struggles and resilience of the Apache people and the Franciscans who serve them. The papers they write after this Immersion often reflect new insights and a deepened commitment to the service of others.

Cost: $650 per student

A gift in any amount is appreciated.


Students share their Immersion Experiences

“Pastors need to recall their identity or mission day after day. They are not called to be administrators or controllers, but pastors who care for, feed, and treat the faithful with affection, compassion, and warm-hearted kindness. I have seen that two well-balanced pastors who have a good sense of theology and motherly love make the people of God happier. While spending time with Fr. Eddie, Ms. Anna, and the FST Immersion group, I thought about my pastoral work in the future.”
– Lazarus Kwon, OFM (MTS 2016)

“It’s all about ‘tiny steps’ and ‘planting seeds’ – it isn’t the big steps or the rich harvests that are in my control. I can help work towards them and help push society, in some small way, in the right direction, but that is not the end of what I am called to do. I am called to do the small things with great love, just as Fr. Eddie and Anna are doing today, and I was privileged and blessed to witness them doing it.”
– Jerry Skradski (MDiv 2016)

“The entire Immersion experience continues to challenge me to move beyond subjective isolation and to critically look at historical sources, contemporary effects of the past, and the voices being shared, represented, or possibly misrepresented. The importance of telling more than one story adds to the depth of the textures of a people: that there is not only sadness and hardship to be pitied, but empowerment and leadership such as the stoic faces of the young women at the Sunrise Ceremony.”
– Rebecca Freeman (MDiv 2016)

“A cross-cultural experience looks and feels different than reading about it in a text book. It is one thing to read about how to achieve a proper and successful ministry in different situations, and quite another to be in the midst of a culture and situation you have never experienced. What appears clear in the text book suddenly becomes very murky waters.”
– Eileen Costa (MDiv 2017)

Your Gift of Student Life…

The Franciscan School of Theology is the academic home to a unique community of adult students. The majority are working professionals who find themselves on campus at all hours of the day and evening preparing for the next step in their careers of service to the Church and others. Some are continuing their studies for the priesthood, either as Franciscan friars or as diocesan clergy. And still others are simply satisfying their desire for more knowledge as life-long learners with a passion for spiritual growth and theological understanding.

Their daily needs at FST are many and varied. Your support of student life at FST can help ensure that they have lockers to secure their belongings while they are in class, that their chapel is fully equipped as a sacred space for student liturgies, and that their student lounge offers intermittent respite and an environment inviting relaxation and social interaction.

For more information please contact Alan Andrade (619) 574-5809 or

Endowment Gifts

Contributions to new or existing endowed funds at FST have both and immediate and lasting impact on the financial sustainability and future vitality of the School. An endowed fund generates continuous revenue for FST, while the permanently-invested gift from the donor is preserved in perpetuity to continue providing annual income for a particular purpose or program at the School.

Donors may designate their gifts to existing endowed funds such as the Kenan B. Osborne, OFM Chair in Systematic Theology, or establish new endowed funds for scholarships, library support, student programs, or faculty research. Substantial minimum gift levels apply. Please contact the Office of Development at 619-574-5809 for details.