Your Gift in Action


Your gift allows FST students go out and share the Franciscan tradition and vision with the world. FST students are lay and religious men and women who work at retreat centers, in parishes, as hospital chaplains, in health care, as social service workers, and as religious education teachers.

Meet our alumni.

Restoration + Hope = Revelation

Read more about Michael Brown

–Michael Brown, 2019

Author, religious educator and retreat leader

Read more about Alice

–Alice Camille, 1988

Reflection on Vocation

Read more about Bill

–Bill Coy, 1994

To Embody the Simple Prayer for Peace

Read more about Mary Gwendolyn Eve

–Mary Gwendolyn Eve, 2008

Walking in Faith

Read more about Father Franklin

–Franklin Fong, OFM, 1995

Transforming Heart and Mind

Read more about Rebecca

–Rebecca Freeman, 2016

San Antonio Beacon of Peace

Read more about Sister Martha

–Sister Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, 2006

Doctor to Student, AGAIN

Read more about Margaret McCahill

–Margaret McCahill, 2016

A Vision of Diversity, Acceptance

Read more about Father Sam

–Father Samuel Nasada Himwan OFM, 2017


Read more about Michael Wynne

–Michael Wynne, 2007