On YouTube: Does Pope Francis’ Encyclical Address the Political Culture of the United States?

Dr. Joe Chinnici, OFMFall Franciscan Zoom Lecture #7: Dr. Joseph Chinnici, OFM

In his most recent encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis elaborates on the teachings of John Paul II and Benedict XVI in elucidating the application of the Church’s social teaching to today’s world.  Coming from both a Jesuit and Franciscan inheritance, his contribution is unique in several areas.  But will his critique of an overwrought nationalism and a sole focus on market results have resonance in the United States?   This lecture will explore some of these dimensions and show how the theory and practice of social friendship gives a path forward in a time of pandemic.

This lecture, recorded November 19, 2020, is posted to YouTube Channel FST EDU1.

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