On YouTube: Why Did God Become Human? Renewing our Understanding of the ‘Reason for the Season’

Dr. Dan Horan, OFMFall Franciscan Zoom Lecture #9: Dr. Daniel P. Horan, OFM

On YouTube Channel FST EDU1

This lecture invites us to reflect on the meaning of the Incarnation, of God’s choice not only to be “God For Us,” but also “God With Us” (Emmanuel) as the Word made flesh! This presentation takes the well-known Christmas slogan “remember the reason for the season” as its starting point and explores the question of why God became human in the first place. Fr. Daniel will then unpack the significance that the answer we give to this question has for our understanding of God, of ourselves, and of our world. At a time when it can be difficult to see the light of Christ in our communities and world, a renewed understanding of the Incarnation offers us spiritual inspiration and hope.

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