Zoom Lecture: Beholding Saint Francis of Assisi: The Wounded, Beautiful Saint

Fr. Stephen King photoFall Franciscan Zoom Lecture #2 by Fr. Stephen King, OFM Conv. 

Beholding Saint Francis of Assisi: The Wounded, Beautiful Saint

Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm PDT

The standard “portrait” of Saint Francis was crafted predominately by the many, at times conflicting, literary “lives” of the Saint of Assisi, which were composed over the first forty years after the death of Francis. However, during roughly the same period of history the Franciscan friars commissioned a number of artistic depictions of the saint that included an icon of the saint and small narrative images depicting scenes from his life. In this lecture we will consider the portrait of the saint projected by a selection of these icons, focusing on how they depict the “beautiful” saint, wounded by the marks of the Stigmata.


Watch the recorded lecture on our YouTube Channel of FST EDU1.

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