Class Spotlight – CE 614 Leadership and Ethics for Work with Migrants and Migration

The Border Church, a unique religious experience located on the U.S.-Mexico border. The church exists to hold open-table communion services where people from both sides can come together to celebrate God. The Border Church is a shining example of hope and unity for many people separated by the border.

Pastor Seth Clark and The Border Church warmly welcomed Dr. Warner and his students. Pastor Seth emphasized the church’s role as a place of communion, where people from both sides of the border can meet and pray together. He also shared stories of how, in the past, people could share food and other items through the bars of the border wall. However, in recent years, stricter border policies and increased security measures have made it more difficult for people to interact across the border.

Despite these challenges, The Border Church remains a beacon of hope and resilience. Even as a new border initiative threatens to raise the wall around the church to 30 feet, the church’s members continue to stand and fight for unity and peace.

The Border Church mass.
(From Left to right) Pastor Seth Clark, Dr. Keith Warner and Student Adolfo.
Overlooking through the border wall on the Mexican side towards the U.S.
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