Ways to Connect

As a graduate of the Franciscan School of Theology you are invited to take part in the following:

Fr. Garrett Galvin, Giving Mass at the Immaculata Catholic Church at the USD Campus.

Liturgy Wednesdays

  • Experience the beauty of our Liturgy Wednesdays. An in-person and broadcasted event.
  • Everyone is welcome to join, and there is no cost.

Franciscan Zoom Lectures

  • Lectures are given once a month at 7:00 PM (Pacific Time).
  • These lectures take place on Zoom and are completely free.
Most recent Alumni Picture. In their Graduation Gowns.

Facebook Group

A private Facebook group, connecting FST’s global community.

Picture of a Rosary. Inviting you to join the FST community to pray almost Every Saturday.


Join the FST community in prayer almost every Saturday via Zoom.

Light Bulb with the world Inspiration on top. Read Inspiring stories about our FST Alumni.

Get Inspired

Read about your fellow alumni who are making a difference in the world!