Dr. Maureen Day: Catholic Activism Today book release

maureen dayCatholic Activism Today: Individual Transformation and the Struggle for Social Justice

Dr. Maureen Day is the Assistant Professor of Religion and Society at the Franciscan School of Theology and Research Fellow at the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University. She is a sociologist of religion whose books include Catholic Activism Today (NYU 2020) and Young Adult American Catholics (Paulist 2018). Her research has been supported by the University of Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Religion and Society, US Bishops’ Secretariat of Education, Religious Research Association, Villanova University’s Center for Church Management, and more. She regularly interfaces with the media and speaks to public audiences on Catholicism and society.

Uncovers why Catholic organizations fail to foster civic activism

The American Catholic Church boasts a long history of teaching and activism on issues of social justice. In the face of declining religious and community involvement in the twenty-first century, many modern-day Catholic groups aspire to revive the faith as well as their connections to the larger world. Yet while thousands attend weekly meetings designed to instill religiosity and a commitment to civic engagement, these programs often fail to achieve their more large-scale goals.

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