Darleen Pryds, PhD - Franciscan School of Theology
Dr Pryds

Darleen Pryds, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and History


  • Name: Darleen Pryds, PhD
  • Specialization: Medieval Franciscan Tradition (Third Order, Lay Preaching) and the Spirituality of Dying and Death
  • Email: dpryds@fst.edu
  • Phone: 619-574-5810


  • PhD University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • MA University of Southern California
  • BA University of Southern California

“Franciscan history has been at the center of my professional and personal life for 30 years, so it is a special privilege for me to be at FST, where my teaching, research, and public outreach can be rooted in the down-to-earth spirituality that Francis fostered in the 13th century.”

Darleen Pryds is a lay woman who has been exploring the Franciscan spiritual tradition since she was 18 as a freshman in college. Since then she has found her academic research on the lay Franciscan tradition buoys her personal faith. Her particular focus on lay Franciscans has analyzed the tradition of lay preaching as a form of “Somatic Theology” or theology that is expressed through lived experience. You can find her research in many articles and in two books, The King Embodies the Word: Robert d’Anjou and the Politics of Preaching (2000) and Women of the Streets: Early Franciscan Women and their Mendicant Vocation (2010). Currently, her work explores the often overlooked Franciscan lay leader, Lady Jacopa dei Settesoli. This new avenue of research builds on Dr. Pryds’ active volunteer work as a caregiver in hospice. Her most recent book, Enduring Presence: Diversity and Authenticity among the First Generations of Lay Franciscans, was published December 2018.

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Lay Spiritual Practices

Participants explore together with the professor a range of spiritual activities used by lay Christians and look at the historical origins and early developments of them. Pilgrimage, prayer, contemplation, storytelling, fasting, feasting, sexuality and celibacy, festivals and processions are among the practices discussed. The historical and cultural background of these practices brings out new aspects of even the most common of these practices. For example, the act of reading psalms and prayers will be discussed in its medieval mode as a form of body prayer.

History of Women in Religious Leadership

This course explores the rich history of women leaders within the Christian tradition. While some women, especially recently, have been ordained as ministers within their denomination, throughout Christian history, many more women have exercised influence and authority as spiritual leaders without holding official offices. This course honors their contribution to our faith and seeks to uphold the wide range of leadership roles women have in the Church.

Spirituality of Dying and Death

A student favorite, this class explores the spirituality of dying and death from the Franciscan spiritual perspective. Grounded in the most recent research in this burgeoning field, the class incorporates both analytical discussion and experiential meditations to explore the subject with both head and heart. Students have called this class “life-changing,” and “the most important class I’ve ever taken. I’m no longer afraid to talk about death.” Dr. Pryds offers one-day workshops and short-term classes on the subject for the public.

Select Publications


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The Spirituality of Dying and Death. Lecture Series (Now You Know Media 2015)

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