Tuition & School Fees | Franciscan School of Theology

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for All Degree and Non-Degree Programs ($832 per unit) 2021-2022

12 Units $ 9,984 per semester
9 Units $ 7,488 per semester
6 Units $ 4,992 per semester
3 Units $ 2,496 per semester



Application Fee (non-refundable) $ 50
Comprehensive (activity) fee $125 Per semester
Student Health Insurance (Domestic Students)* $ 3,132
$ 1,566
Student Health Insurance (International Students)* $ 3,132
$ 1,566
Late Registration (initial enrollment on or after the first day of classes) $ 100
Enrollment Changes (after the second week of classes) $ 50 Per class
Graduation Fee $ 100
Transcripts $ 8



Credit Card

Clare of Assisi Scholar $ 450 Per class

The charts above detail the expenses involved in an FST education for the current academic year. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Letter from the President:  Tuition Increase in Fall 2021 3-4-21

*Rates may change based on Student Health Insurance Premium

Tuition and Refund Policy

Tuition will be refunded at the following rates to students who formally withdraw from the Franciscan School of Theology. Tuition for courses dropped after registration closes will also be refunded at these rates.

Through first week of semester 100%
Through second week of semester 75%
Through third week of semester 50%
Fourth week of semester and beyond No refund