Honor Roll of Donors



We gratefully acknowledge the essential financial support of our generous donors thus far during this current fiscal year (July 1 – September 1, 2020). We also appreciate all those who gave last fiscal year and throughout the history of the Franciscan School of Theology.




Below is an alphabetical listing of benefactors from July 2020 through August 2020.

$5,000.00 +

Durrell and Gwen Hillis

$1,000.00 to $4,999.00

Collective group in Memory of Brother Eric Pilarcik (1966-2019)

Ms. Candace McGahan

Drs. Thomas and Susan Mitchell

Tim O’Malley, Ph.D.

Chuck Walker

$10.00 to $999.00

Amazon Smiles

Edward Anthonysamy *

Ms. Jeannie Bellairs

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Blackmon

Sr. Sharon Lee Bongiorno FSPA

Mr. William Boslet

Clare and John Bostick

Ms Marianne Boyle

Ms Theresa Brennan

Ms Margaret Briggs

Ms. Alice Camille

Mr. Robert Cattaneo

Stephen and Laura Chun

Ms. Connie Collins

Sr. Celeste Crine OSF

Ms Janice DeSpain

Zelie Dolan *

Mr. Jonathan Enerva *

Ms Ellen Ferrone

Ms. Margaret Fuhr

Ms. Jacqueline Gamble *

Mr Juanito Garlitos

Mitchelle Greenlee *

Rick Hardy

Charles and Dana Jirauch

Ms Donna Killoughey Bird

David and Marguerite Lambert

Renee Lewis

Sr Christine Lukesh, OFS

Mary Lyons

Ms. Lynda MacFarland

Ms. Sandra Marak

Ms Alicia Mariscal *

Mary Martin

Ms. Pamela McArthur

Ms. Karen McCallick

Michael Mechill

Mardelle Mikus

Mr William Mittendorff

Catherine Nugent

Jean T. O’Neil

Camille and Gerald Page *

Yimin Pang *

Paul and Katie Parish

Mr. Horace Pearsall III *

Ms. Eleanor Peck

Don Petersen

Gerald and Lucy Pousho *

Dianne Prior OFS

John and Karen Reedy

Ms. Anne M. Reilly *

Dean and Kimberly Renna *

Robert and Rosemary Rios *

Consuelo Rodriquez

Ms. Nancy Sciabetta

Brian and Melva Simmons OFS

Mr Mike Stamps

Ms. Christine Still

Mr. Roger A. Stollenwerk

Ray Taylor

Ms. Irene Tsung Chou

Ms. Julie Urban **

Mrs. Ida C. Valenzuela OFS

Ms. Juanita Villalobos

Ms. Lourdes Von Burg

Ms. Kathleen Ward *

Mr. Rupert Watson **

Leslie Westbay

Ms Mary Wilson

John and Susan Zemblidge

Judith A. Zene OFS


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* Denotes subscribed recurring donor

** Denotes subscriber with pending adjustment

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