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Our comprehensive graduate programs provide men and women with spiritual and theological education to advance their faith and answer their calling.

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The Franciscan Difference

A Franciscan education offers a unique, Christ-centered viewpoint into Catholicism. Franciscan spirituality is faithful to the gospel and the Church, rooted in prayer, contemplation, and most importantly, service. Franciscans are committed to upholding the inherent dignity of creation, manifest a profound reverence for the human person as one made in God’s image and likeness, and esteem all creatures as brothers and sisters–a reflection of God’s goodness and glory.

Scholarship Opportunities

68% of FST students receive scholarships based on need, which, on average, covers over half of your tuition. Merit-based scholarships are available to students based on GPA, and employees of Catholic institutions are eligible for tuition reduction and grants. Speak to our enrollment advisors to see if you qualify.

Learn from the Best

The FST faculty is comprised of world-renowned theological scholars from around the globe–and across the theological spectrum.

Life Changing Graduate Degrees

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

The MTS is a two-year academic program in which students demonstrate a focused knowledge in their chosen theological specialization. Students will research, interpret, and apply theological knowledge, and construct a coherent, sustained theological argument reflecting an in-depth study of a theological topic.

Suitable for those interested in:

  • Teaching at the elementary, secondary, or junior college level
  • Working in church ministry
  • Preparation for further academic work


Master of Divinity (MDiv)

A three-year professional degree preparing students for church ministry, the MDiv curriculum provides an interdisciplinary education with a theological foundation, grounded in the Franciscan tradition. Seminars, supervised field education, courses in pastoral ethics, and the cultivation of intercultural sensitivity are integral elements of this degree.

Suitable for those interested in:

  • Serving in lay or ordained ecclesial and service ministries
  • A career in education and professional ministry


Master of Arts (MA)

The Master of Arts degree (theology) is an academically rigorous degree that allows for specialization in Franciscan studies—especially Franciscan theology, history, and spirituality. Such specialization prepares students to work in programs of religious formation, in translation and publication of theological and historical texts, and preparation of printed and electronic resources to enhance awareness of significant authors, texts and themes of the Franciscan Tradition.

Suitable for those interested in:

  • Teaching at the secondary level or in two-year college programs
  • A graduate research degree in preparation for a doctoral program

World-Renowned Scholars

The FST faculty is comprised of distinguished theological scholars from around the globe–and across the theological spectrum.

Academic Rigor

Engage wholeheartedly in your faith journey and discover your unique role in caring for our world and the Catholic Church with rigorous master’s programs and other educational opportunities.

A Vibrant Tradition

FST embodies the rich Franciscan theological tradition, applying centuries of lived wisdom to the needs of today–and shaping compassionate leaders for our diverse world.