Spiritual Formation


Spiritual Formation in the Franciscan tradition is a way of paying attention to your own search, and to your own heart’s desire. It is an essential part of the academic experience at the Franciscan School of Theology.

Weekly School Liturgies

Please join us each Wednesday at 11:30 in the St. Clare Chapel at Mission San Luis Rey for our school liturgies. Students, faculty, and staff gather every week to pray, sing and learn together. All are welcome! Fellowship is important at FST, so please stay for our lunch reception after Mass. For more information, contact:  (619) 574-5800

About Lay Spiritual Formation

“This is what I want,” he said, “this is what I seek, this is what I desire with all my heart.”

With these words of St. Francis, you are invited to explore Spiritual Formation at FST. The “this” Francis is talking about in the previous quote – what he wanted, sought and desired with all his heart – is the Gospel call to follow Christ in the world. Spiritual Formation in the Franciscan tradition is a way of paying attention to your own search, and to your own heart’s desire. It is part of the academic life here.

A Rule of Life

A unique dimension of the Spiritual Formation program provides students the opportunity to develop a Rule of Life, which is a form of personal covenant. In consultation with Sr. Kathy Flood, OSF, Director of Student Services and Spiritual Formation at USD or Pat Julian, Associate Director of Spiritual Formation at OMSLR, participants prepare and commit themselves to their Rule of Life in the presence of the school community gathered in prayer at a Covenant Ritual. Those witnessing the commitment are invited to offer support and prayer for those making their covenant. Even after graduation, students who’ve created a Rule of Life are invited back to FST to reflect on and to renew their personal covenant.

Prayer and Renewal for Busy Students

In addition to the Rule of Life, the Spiritual Formation program provides other experiences to support individual spiritual growth, no matter what the student’s schedule. Communal prayer, retreats, individual meetings, spiritual direction referrals, and small group reflection are offered at different times. Attention to personal growth coupled with awareness of social/environmental justice supports an integrated approach to spiritual formation at FST.

Your Spiritual Formation Plan

During their time at FST, students are encouraged to create a personalized spiritual formation plan. For students in the professional ministry degree program (MDiv), creating a spiritual formation plan is an integral part of their program. With the assistance of the Associate Dean of Students, they are encouraged to develop a plan that attends to their particular needs and goals as well as to goals specific to the formation of lay ecclesial ministers. These goals are drawn from the Franciscan tradition, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the National Association for Lay Ministry.

For More Information

To learn more about the Spiritual Formation Program, view the Spiritual Formation Handbook or contact: (619) 574-5800