Mission Minute Monday 11/15

Blastic“Mission Minute Monday” with Michael W. Blastic, OFM,
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Franciscan Studies.
Fr. Michael, shares a reflection on gratitude with us.
In a 2013 TED talk, the monk David Stiendl-Rast spoke of gratitude as the source of happiness. While we usually think of happiness as the source of gratitude, it is actually gratitude that gives rise to happiness. Gratitude and thankfulness is the response to a gift freely given, something unearned and often unexpected, an opportunity that is offered to us in every moment of life. The gifts offered are not necessarily material, but personal and communal – the gift of a simple hello from a friend, or a challenging moment that tests our patience to which we respond generously with attention and care, or sight of a beautiful sunset over the ocean, or even sharing a cup of coffee with co-workers. These are the gifts that we can often overlook or take for granted but that come to us unexpectedly and freely – to be thankful is to accept the gift and to acknowledge the giver. Francis and Clare of Assisi lived happy lives because they recognized that everything, they experienced was a gift of the good God, even challenges and struggles because God the giver always offered God-self with the gift. So, as we approach Thanksgiving, let us give thanks with St. Francis:
Let us return all good
to the Lord, God Almighty and Most High,
and thank Him,
from whom all good comes,
for everything!
Mike Blastic, OFM
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