Mission Minute Monday 2/7


“Mission Minute Monday” with FST Alumna Lynda MacFarland | MTS 2020 – Lynda shares a reflection on love.

I like to contemplate the extravagant father in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. The son’s wasteful tendencies are nothing compared to the father’s love. That father will look for him every day. And one glorious day, he sees his son coming!

The father runs toward his son with nothing but joy and love in his heart. The young man sees this old man ‘running’ toward him, although it’s more like a slow jog due to his dad’s age, and the robes that he must lift up around his knees to run toward his beloved child. Then the son, aware that his dad is opening his arms to welcome him home, well, that young man begins to run toward his old man! (When the Master Storyteller is on the job, we’re going to be able to see just what unconditional love and mercy look like as the parable unfolds.)His dad will rejoice at his son’s return. For his child was ‘dead’ and his been brought back to life!

And so, we too will never travel outside of God’s love for us. We will be welcomed home by the One who loves us more than anyone else ever could.

Bring your troubles, your sorrow, your regrets. Whatever your reason for hesitating, you can forget about it. God will throw His arms around you and pull you in. Full of joy, overflowing with goodness and loving-kindness for this child that was lost and is found.

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