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Mary Beth Ingham

Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ

  • Professor of Philosophical Theology


  • Name: Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ
  • Specialization: 13th Century Franciscan Tradition: John Duns Scotus
  • Email:
  • Phone: 619-574-5800


  • Licence ès Lettres (University of Fribourg)
  • PhD (University of Fribourg)

“With the 2013 election of Pope Francis, the insights from the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition are increasingly relevant to the work of theological formation. I am pleased to be able to introduce students to the compelling Franciscan vision of Blessed John Duns Scotus.”

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Ingham, CSJ comes to FST from Loyola Marymount University where she was chair of the Philosophy Department and Professor of Philosophy. She received the President’s Fritz B. Burns Teaching Medal in 2000.

Dr. Ingham was President of the American Catholic Philosophical Society in 2009, and has served on the Franciscan Institute Summer faculty.

Dr. Ingham was part of the organizing committee for the “Quadruple Congress” in celebration of the 8th centenary of John Duns Scotus’ death in 2008, and she edited the first volume: Duns Scotus, Philosopher (with Oleg Bychkov).


Fundamental Moral Theology

This introductory course to moral theology is designed to outline the basic principles for a Catholic moral theology. The primary aim of the course is to introduce students to the basic concepts of moral theology and to moral methods which will enable them to assess moral arguments as well as to argue toward a publicly defensible position on moral issues. Toward this end, the formal elements of ethics–the human person, the good, and criteria of judgment–will be described, analyzed, and evaluated. The course also introduces the student to the tradition of Franciscan moral theology, with its particular link to Franciscan spirituality and sources.

Franciscan Christology

This basic course in Christology focuses on the particular contribution of Franciscan thinkers, the importance of the intercultural dialogue today and the significance of Franciscan spirituality for the third millennium. Student work includes regular reflection papers, one major paper/project and one midterm exam.

Bio-Medical Ethics

This team taught course is a case-based introduction to the basic themes, concepts, topics and frameworks used by both Catholic and Protestant Theologians in their investigation of Bio- or Medical Ethics. Central to our study will be the relationship between the Franciscan spiritual and moral vision to the questions that are most troubling today, both medical and pastoral. After an introductory overview of the various methodologies and approaches to decision-making in health care, we focus on the following: Ethical and Religious Directives of USCCB, end of life, reproduction, genetic technologies, access to health care and challenges to faith-based health care in the United States.

Select Publications


Among her many books are:

Rejoicing in the Works of the Lord: Beauty in the Franciscan Tradition (Franciscan Institute 2010);

La Vie de la Sagesse: Le Stoicisme au Moyen Age (Cerf 2009)

The Harmony of Goodness: Mutuality and Moral Living According to John Duns Scotus. Second Edition. (Franciscan Institute Publications 2012)

Scotus for Dunces: An Introduction to the Subtle Doctor (2003)

The Philosophical Vision of John Duns Scotus (with Dr. Mechthild Dreyer) (2004).


Rejoicing in the Works of the Lord: The Spirituality of Beauty. Video lecture series. (Now You Know Media, 2011)

The Franciscan vision of John Duns Scotus. Video lecture series. (Now You Know Media, in Production)